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The plumbing system is a very crucial part for every home. Any minor blockage or leakage can interrupt even the whole plumbing system! If you are living in London, especially nearer East Ham, Ilford, or Barking Road and looking for the best plumbing service, Eastend Build is here to fulfill all your needs. Sudden Pipe leakage, drain blockage, etc are very common plumbing problems that we usually face. And yes, you may face plumbing and heating issues at any time. It can affect our regular activity.

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London Plumbing and Heating service
Our Services

Plumbing and Heating

In London, plumbing and heating services are offered by many companies.  However, Eastend Build provides efficient services regarding 

Heating and Plumbing in London. We provide both indoor and outdoor services. Our plumbing services include

Our Services on Plumbing and Heating


Water leakage detection

Water leakage is a common problem. It happens for various reasons. However, the first thing to do when such a problem arises is to identify the source of leakage so that you can take the necessary measures. Hence, our experts are always ready to provide you with the best support.


Emergency plumbing

Plumbing-related issues require great concern. If it doesn’t repair in time, it can cause severe damage. Our expert technicians are to provide you with the best service. 


Solution for leakage

we provide quick solutions to pipe leakage, pipe blockage, water overflows, drainage system blockage, and other issues that require a quick solution. 


Bathroom plumbing

Our expert plumbers can help you with all your bathroom plumbing needs. It can be tap repairs, toilet repairs, overflow, bathroom renovation, installation of any tools, etc. 


Kitchen plumbing:

From water leakages to installation of any tools, our plumber provides every service you need to make your kitchen more beautiful.


Shower installation and repair

We repair old or broken showers and also install showers as per the requirements of our clients. 

London Plumbing

What plumbing and heating problems you may face?

There is no homeowner who has never experienced plumbing and heating problems. Some mentionable plumbing and heating problems. A problem with valves can cause inconsistent temperatures in the water heater. It may also occur if the tank that holds the water needs to be bigger or for any technical issue.

Leaking tap problems can arise at any time. It may happen because of the blockage in the pipeline or other issues.

Clogged drains or pipes are the reasons for having bad smells in your sinks. 

Low water pressure may happen for many reasons. However, if not repaired in time, it may damage the whole plumbing system.

Leakage in inner or outer pipes may cause a leaking roof. To identify the source of the leakage is the first priority. That is why one needs an expert’s hands. 

A running toilet can cause to happen for many reasons such as overflow of the tube, flush valve, or tube valve. 

Putting non-flushable objects in the toilet or damage in the pipeline may cause clogged toilets.

A sudden increase in the water bill may be because of many reasons. It may be for any technical issue or for any material issue. An expert plumber can identify the actual reason.  

If the faucet cartridge is bad or has high water pressure, or if there is a loose connection in the handle, it may cause water dripping from the faucet.

Sewer line problems can occur for many reasons such as if there is any blockage in the pipe, if the pipes are too old, or for grease, or for any machinery problems.

What to consider in choosing

Plumbing & Heating Companies

In London, plumbing companies are available everywhere. But choosing the right company for your plumbing and heating service is a big challenge.

Customer service

We provide 24/7 customer service in your emergencies. If you are searching for a London plumbing hackney, Eastend Build is here for you

Emergency services

plumbing-related issues cause to happen all of a sudden. So providing emergency service should be the first priority of any plumbing and heating company.

Positive customer reviews

The positive feedback from the customers make a great impact. It should be one’s consideration when choosing a plumbing and heating company.

Renovation service

Flexible service options

Quality materials

Latest technology

London heating

Why are we heating parts specialists?

We supply in London heating spares which start at a reasonable price. We not only provide our customers with heating spares but also give sophisticated advice to select the best heating service for them

What Eastend Build makes it stand apart in heating and plumbing service?

We are a licensed holder plumbing company in London. Eastend Build stands apart in heating and plumbing service for many reasons. 

Quality materials

We use materials that are best in quality and worth of money. We guarantee to use quality products. If you’re looking for plumbing supplies in London, we should be on your priority list.   

100% satisfactory work

Our technicians are very friendly and carry a helpful approach towards our clients if you need the largest plumbing supply in London, we are here to help you! 

Renovation service

We are providing renovation services all over the city. Anyone can renovate their bathroom, kitchen, or other spaces as per their choice.

Flexible service options

We provide flexible service options to our clients. If you’re a resident of Ilford and searching for London plumbing Ilford, or looking for London plumbing service in East Ham, we should be your first choice

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