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We are Property Maintenance Specialist

Eastend Build with a simple idea to build complete customer satisfaction through high-quality building work, delivered by a dependable team of property maintenance specialists. Produced results that made the company grow from a  “one man band” into a well established Company with one purpose: To build safe, bespoke-build home included you every step of the way through the process of building your dream Eastend home. 

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Professional Property Maintenance

Each project is carefully managed from concept and design to completion.  We can advise on colour choices and recommend suppliers. Every one of our projects is planned and managed to ensure our customers are fully satisfied.
Eastend Build has a highly professional team of property maintenance specialists including plumbers and carpenters who are fully qualified, certified, and insured, with years of experience.

Planned maintenance services

EastEndBuild's Planned Maintenance Services offer a proactive and comprehensive solution for property owners and managers. With a focus on preventing issues and preserving property value, EastEndBuild conducts regular inspections and maintenance tasks covering structural, HVAC, plumbing, electrical, exterior, appliance, and safety compliance needs. Their expertise in budgeting and planning ensures efficient resource allocation. Trust EastEndBuild for top-tier property upkeep, safety, and longevity. One of the key components of EastEndBuild's planned maintenance services is regular inspections and assessments. The company's skilled professionals conduct thorough evaluations of properties, identifying potential issues and areas that require attention. This proactive approach allows property owners to address problems before they escalate into costly repairs.
EastEndBuild's planned maintenance services are a valuable asset for maintaining the value, integrity, and functionality of residential and commercial properties

Our Property Management Services

We believe everybody should have a comfortable
home to live in.

We can help you find out how you can use your space, what’s most important to you and the styles you like so you get the best style of the bathroom or kitchen you’ve always dreamed of.

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Mohammed has helped me out with several jobs at short notice, and always does his best to get there on the day. Very affordable and fair pricing. Jobs have included blocked sinks, dodgy washing machines and broken toilets. Would recommend!

Chris Croissant

New Boiler installation

We had Eastend build in to replace our boiler. Very happy with their team and the results, very good value for money and good quality work done!

Robert Mashadi

New Boiler Replace

Eastend Build fixed the issue we had with our boiler at a reasonable price and with professionalism. I highly recommend him.

Stefano Ocello

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