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Professional Gas Boiler Installation in East London

Are you finding it challenging to install or service your gas boiler or gas appliances? Eastend Build is here to help! Our certified professionals provide reliable gas boiler installation, servicing and replacement, ensuring your home remains safe and warm. Contact us for a seamless experience today!

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Why Do You Need Gas Boiler Installer Service?

Gas boilers are very commonly used in London to keep the home heated for a long time. It is effective, efficient, and reliable. However, it can be dangerous to use an old, repeated, and faulty gas boiler without taking proper care of it.

The gas boiler is used in London to keep the house heated from the extreme cold. There can be so many problems like gas leakage, fires, explosions, etc. if you don’t ensure proper gas appliance servicing. Gas leaks can cause gas explosions and lead to death. Carbon monoxide is deadly and can also cause death

London Property Maintenance: Ultimate Solutions for Every Need

We have so many positive reviews from our customers. This positive feedback inspires us to work more efficiently. You can also check the reviews so that you get the proper idea and have built trust in us. Positive reviews help us to grow more. 

We are providing 24/7 hour service for maintaining your home appliances and property with care. Our leading team does their duty with a good inspection even in an emergency. If you are searching for a company to do your job on an emergency basis, you can call us. We will be happy to serve you in your emergency.

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Types of Gas Boiler Installation We Work With

There are various types of gas boilers used in our day-to-day job. According to the house size and need for water supply, you can choose what type of boiler you should install. We can even suggest the type of gas boiler installation service required.

Instant hot water installation is another quick and easy solution to get a hot water supply in the house. From installation of the filter faucet to mounting and connecting it with the tank, all are done by us using expert professionals. If you would like to take our service contact Eastend Build.

A system boiler is required for a large home. If you would like to install a hot water supply for your home, then you can install a system boiler for better supply. It offers better performance and efficiency. If you are thinking about changing your current gas boiler and choosing the new gas boiler installation, you can choose this system boiler.It is less complex but a little expensive as it does not need a water tank to store water. It directly pulls water from the supply.In that case, we can help you. Eastend build expertise’s this kind of system boiler installation for a large size house.

Combination boiler which is known as combi boiler. This boiler is suitable for medium to small houses. It provides hot water as well as heat at the same time in a medium-sized home. Here you will get two types of service. Such as a heater for hot water and the functionality of a boiler. This is one of the most efficient and best boilers. If you are planning to install a combination boiler, you can contact Eastend build. We have done this installation process and our professional heating engineers supervise the whole work process. For installing a combination boiler, you need a gas supply, electricity, drilling holes in the wall, plumbing, and professional technical support.

Most houses in the UK use a combi boiler. But some of them may need some extra support for hot water. Those who have multiple bathrooms and need more radiators need to put extra support in their system management. To ensure that support, a cylinder is needed. There are two types of cylinders here. Such as unvented and vented.

This cylinder helps to store higher heated water than the combi boiler. If you like in a house which has more than 10 radiators with multiple bathrooms you can go for the unvented cylinder. This will work as the additional heated water with the combi gas boiler.

A vented system is also helpful if you would like to add a high amount of water supply to your house. If you live in a 10 radiator house with one washroom you can go for it. Vented cylinders need a large size of water tank for enough supply of the water.  In this system, there is a need for a vent pipe to pull the water. When the water is heated, it expands and through the help of a vent pipe, it escapes from the tank.

A shower boiler is a kind of shower heater which boils without any storage tank. It helps to control water temperature at the time of water expulsion. This shows boilers tend to save energy as it cannot store hot water. It works instantly. It only boils the water when it is needed or just before the shower.

The installation process of this system should also be done by professionals. Here, setting the pipeline with the showerhead and connecting with the tap, using threaded fittings. Then, after the successful attachment of the shower boiler, it needs to connect with an electrical outlet.

The portable boiler is a kind of shell or tube with a tray unit that provides a hot and steam water supply. This type of portable boiler installation is needed in the temporary construction of a house or apartment, job site, nursing home, school, shopping mall, etc. 

The installation process of this system should also be done by professionals. Here, setting the pipeline with the showerhead and connecting with the tap, using threaded fittings. Then, after the successful attachment of the shower boiler, it needs to connect with an electrical outlet.

Our Gas Boiler Installer Service

We have the expertise and experience as Gas Safe registered gas boiler installers, and we carry out gas boiler installer service with a good reputation. We offer various types of services such as:

  • Best plumbing and heating service
  • Solution for Gas leakage
  • Shower installation and repair
  • Water leakage detection
  • Emergency plumbing

How We Ensure Proper Gas Boiler Installation

Eastend Build promises to provide professional and planned maintenance services. With many aspects of home appliance and maintenance service, we carry out gas boiler installation. We ensure proper gas boiler installation services so that no problem remains during the installation process of a gas boiler. Let’s discuss how efficiently we are doing this:

Our team installs premium brands of gas boilers that are safe, trusted, and energy efficient.

  •  Our team installs premium brands of gas boilers that are safe, trusted, and energy efficient.
  • We provide a full package of gas boiler installation including pipework, radiators, a thermostat, and other equipment that may be required. We can even upgrade to smart thermostats.
  • Then we assess the ventilation process, proper air circulation, well-managed heating scenarios.
  •  Assessing the right size of the boiler, and checking pre-existing problems is also carried out.

Apart from this, we do other property maintenance and household management services. Such as-

  • Electric work
  • Renovation
  • Garden project
  • Roofing and guttering service
  • Flooring service
  • Property maintenance specialists
  • Carpentry service
  • Painting and decorating
  • Tilling service, etc.
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The Benefits of Hiring Property Maintenance Specialists

Hiring property maintenance specialists can provide several benefits for property owners and managers. Our professionals are trained and equipped to handle a wide range of tasks related to the upkeep and maintenance of properties. Here are some of the key benefits of hiring property maintenance specialist:

 Property maintenance specialist have a deep understanding of various maintenance tasks and are equipped with the necessary expertise to handle them efficiently. Our experience allows them to identify potential issues before you escalate into major problem.

By outsourcing property maintenance to specialist, property owners can save valuable time and resources. Professionals can handle tasks swiftly and effectively, preventing further damage and minimizing repair costs.

 Property maintenance specialist ensure that all maintenance and repair work is completed to the highest standards. Our attention to detail and commitment to quality ensure that properties are well-cared for and retain their value.

Property maintenance specialist can also perform regular preventive maintenance, which involves inspecting and maintaining the property to identify and address potential issues early on. This proactive approach helps prevent costly repairs and extends the lifespan of various components and systems within the property.

Well-maintained properties tend to attract higher rental or resale values. property maintenance services in Chichester can help keep the property in excellent condition, ensuring that it remains appealing to tenants, buyers, or investors. Our expertise can contribute to maintaining or even increasing the value of the property over time.

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